Okatumba West without water since February

31 Aug 2016 17:00pm
OPUWO, 31 AUG (NAMPA) - Residents of the Okatumba West Village in the Opuwo Rural Constituency have to walk about 12 kilometres to a well for water after their water pump was washed away by rain on 02 February 2016.
Resident Kazepanda Tjambiru said the matter was reported to the Ministry of Agriculture’s Rural Water Supply Division as well as their constituency councillor, Kazeongere Tjeundo.
About 20 households are affected.
Nothing was done to date, villagers claim.
Tjeundo told Nampa on Wednesday the road leading to Okatumba West is not easily accessible to trucks needed to work on the water pump.
Head of Rural Water Supply in the area, Kapukatua Kuvare told this agency they are also waiting on a second truck needed for the operation.
“We can’t go with one truck only and we are waiting for the second truck which is still being serviced, but as soon as it is released we will go to Okatumba,” he said.
Kuvare said Okatumba West has been prioritised among the seven villages in the Kunene Region where boreholes will be drilled in the near future.