Kunene marks heroes day

30 Aug 2016 13:50pm
OPUWO, 30 AUG (NAMPA) – Namibians should not undermine the country's hard won independence by overlooking its positive gains since independence, a former member of the People's Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) said.
Rex Sheehama made these remarks during the commemoration of Heroes Day at Okozongumbati in the Kunene region on Friday.
Okozongumbati is located some two kilometres north of Opuwo.
According to Sheehama, the country has seen many positive achievements over the years, most notably the maintenance of the peace and stability Namibia enjoys as a nation.
'I appeal to the Namibian nation to guard the peace and stability we have for the past 26 years,' Sheehama said.
He said those who have seen the effects of war would not want such scenarios presenting themselves again.
Sheehama however noted that despite the country's positive gains, challenges such as unemployment, insufficient land and a lack of proper water and sanitation facilities, amongst others, still need government's attention.
'We need to pull in the same direction as a nation to overcome these challenges,' he said.
The commemoration was attended by amongst others former freedom fighters from the Kunene region, including Tuarungua Kavari who also is a former mayor of the regional capital.
Kavari describes 26 August 1966 as the 'day the first bullet was fired leading to the independence of Namibia on 21 March 1990.'
“I was not there on that day, but I should admit that it was because of this day that I joined PLAN and contributed to our independence which was achieved by crossing many rivers of blood,” Kavari told Nampa.
Okozongumbati, according to Kavari, is where the erstwhile South African army allegedly burnt the bodies of PLAN fighters who were captured. He said members of the South African army would be eating and feasting on drinks as they watch South West Africa Territorial Forces soldiers 'put their own brothers on fire'.
A monument was erected here and inaugurated on 26 August 2008.