Ovaherero will commemorate Red Flag Day: Rukoro

27 Aug 2016 11:10am
OKAHANDJA, 27 AUG (NAMPA) – The Ovaherero Traditional Authority (OTA) will commemorate Red Flag Day this year, contrary to a directive from the Office of the Attorney-General that no such activities should take place.
OTA Chief Vekuii Rukoro said the commemoration will be held in October at Ozombu Zovindimba, a national heritage site in the Otjozondjupa Region.
Speaking to Nampa on Friday shortly after a gathering at the Kommando in Okahandja, he said they were not here to commemorate anything.
“It was never our intention but we are here to protect what is ours. We will have our normal annual commemorations in other parts of the country such as Ozombu Zovindimba; we are going there in October,” he said.
While announcing that there will be no Red Flag Day commemorations on Friday (26 August) in Okahandja, Attorney-General Sakeus Shangala also informed the OTA and Maharero Royal House Traditional Authority on Thursday that there are procedures to be followed to commemorate events.
“Secondly, as discussed with yourselves (directly or through your proxies), in terms of the existing court settlement, there are procedures which ought to be observed for parties to commemorate events. It is my understanding that since some or all have not observed such procedures (although this is disputed), both traditional authorities of the Maharero Royal House and the Ovaherero Traditional Authority will not be commemorating any activities this year,” he said in the letter seen by Nampa.
Rukoro said he responded to Shangala on Thursday, saying maybe he (Shangala) got that from the Maharero Royal House but certainly not from him, “but nobody under the sun will come and stop us, not even the AG”.
He added that should Minister of Urban and Rural Development Sophia Shaningwa interfere, the OTA will consult the courts.
“If the minister was to proceed with any strange ideas of wanting to interfere with our transaction (commemoration) like wanting to nullify or withhold the transaction, we will continue with our legal action,” warned Rukoro.
Shaningwa granted the Maharero Royal House permission earlier this month to proceed with their annual Red Flag commemoration at Erf 1755 in Okahandja on 26 August 2016, but withdrew this permission on Thursday after the OTA lodged a court application objecting to it, saying it is the rightful owner of the plot.