More than 80 heads of cattle killed by lions at Sesfontein

25 Aug 2016 12:30pm
SESFONTEIN, 25 AUG (NAMPA) – Eighty-two heads of cattle have been killed by lions in the Sesfontein Constituency in the Kunene Region over the past 12 months.
This figure was reported by game guards during a meeting held at Sesfontein on Monday and attended by members of the community and representatives of the office of the governor and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism.
The meeting was aimed at addressing the human-wildlife conflict which is on the rise in this part of the region, where lions threaten the lives of both humans and cattle.
Special advisor to the governor of the Kunene Region, Katuutire Kaura said the more than 80 heads of cattle are worth over N. dollars 500 000, representing a huge loss for farmers.
He blamed the situation on officials of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism not executing policies dealing with the human-wildlife conflict.
According to Kaura, the value of beef exports will increase in the near future, which means the loss of the cattle is a great injustice for farmers.
Approached for comment, Director of Parks and Wildlife Management in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in the Kunene Region, Colgar Sikopo said the officials of the ministry do their best to keep the human-wildlife conflict under control.
Sikopo also promised to take up cases of negligence by officials in the ministry.
“We are understaffed but that is not a licence for officials not to attend to cases reported to our respective offices,” the director said.