Education needs better image through change: Hanse-Himarwa

24 Aug 2016 15:00pm
WINDHOEK, 24 AUG (NAMPA) - Minister of Education, Arts and Culture Katrina Hanse-Himarwa has called on all stakeholders to make education “the pride of the nation”.
Hanse-Himarwa, who was speaking at a gala dinner organised by Jan Möhr Secondary School in the capital on Saturday, said the portrayed image of relationships between teachers, learners and parents is not that of a desired kind.
“Too many sad stories are told of drug and alcohol abuse at schools, teacher-learner sexual relationships, teenage pregnancies and lack of commitment on the part of the teachers.”
Other issues include poor school attendance, ill-disciplined learners and teachers’ lack of pride in their profession.
“It is our duty to change this negative image. We need to restore education as the pride of the nation. Our aim should be to fight all negativity tooth and nail. A turn-around strategy is crucial to make it work.”
Hanse-Himarwa said parents need to understand that instilling “values, virtue and character” in their children is part of their duties, noting that the blame for unacceptable learner behaviour is too easily shifted to the schools.
She said parents focus too much on providing for the material desires of their children instead of moulding them properly and expect schools to fulfil that role
All government efforts to improve the education sector will fail unless parents assume their roles to the fullest, the minister said.
“Instil good manners and values and you will see the great change proper parenthood can have on society.”
The dinner raised N.dollars 120 000 for the purchase and installation of CCTV cameras at the school and the upgrading of sports fields. The money would also contribute towards upgrading the school hall where an air conditioner is to be installed.
Jan Möhr principal Clement Kloppers told Nampa on Wednesday the school has tried to raise funds in other ways as well. They had a ‘big walk’ that raised N. dollars 105 000 and a beauty pageant that made between N.dollars 40 000 and N. dollars 50 000.
He said they need at least N.dollars 500 000. Their first priority is to buy and install CCTV cameras.
“We have experienced many burglaries at the school of late so we need the CCTV cameras. Also, our Grade 12 learners make use of the school hall during the national examinations and it gets extremely hot in the hall, that is why we want the air conditioner,” he said.