Rehoboth could be dry tomorrow

23 Aug 2016 16:20pm
REHOBOTH, 23 AUG (NAMPA) – The Rehoboth town is facing the prospect of having its water supply cut off within about 24 hours if the Town Council does not pay the national water utility, Namwater, N.dollars 8 million dollars by Wednesday.
The town council allegedly owes NamWater, the bulk supplier of water in Namibia, millions of dollars.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rehoboth Town Council, Chris |Uirab on Tuesday confirmed receipt of the notification from Namwater when contacted by Nampa.
“Yes, I can confirm we received notification from Namwater. We had a special council meeting on Monday whereby we agreed to negotiate with Namwater and pay at least N.dollars 8 million within the next 24 hours to avoid the water supply being disconnected,” he said.
|Uirab said the water debt of Rehoboth is historical and has been accumulating for years, adding he does not see it as an issue.
He said the town council is considering installing a pre-paid system for the town to avoid incidents of this magnitude, and for this to happen the council needs technical equipment with a community that is sensitised on the changes.
“We need to sensitise the community about the pre-paid meters and also encourage them to pay old debt. Not all community members are bad payers and they alone can’t be blamed for the water debt of Rehoboth.”
|Uirab noted that the internal management approach plays a big role in controlling accumulated debt and if not done on time, can lead to essential services being cut off.
Namwater Corporate Communications Manager, Johannes Shigwedha on Tuesday confirmed the Rehoboth Town Council owing the national water utility millions.
“Yes I can confirm that the water supply to the town will be cut off if a payment of N.dollars 8 million is not made within the next 24hours,” Shigwedha said the council had received the notification last week.
“They received the notification last week and were aware of the implications. Usually, the Town Council of Rehoboth honoured their payments and I hope this time it will be same,” he said.