Fed up business people give Rundu Town Council an earful

21 Aug 2016 17:50pm
RUNDU, 21 AUG (NAMPA) - Business people operating in Rundu on Friday accused the town council of focusing more on workshops than developing the town.
They vented their frustrations at a breakfast meeting held to ask the local business community to support the hosting of the Rundu Trade Fair in November this year.
The owner of Juling Construction, Romanus Kandjimi gave the town council a tongue lashing, saying he is tired of hearing the same excuse of a lack of funds when it comes to developing the town.
“There is no money but people are travelling to workshops here and workshops there. Councillors are now unable to go to areas where they went to solicit votes during elections. Now the issue is money,” Kandjimi said.
He also said the town is very dirty and accused the town council of issuing tenders to companies or individuals who do not own the proper equipment to keep the town clean.
“For heaven’s sake, how do you give me a tender to clean up a town when I only have a Toyota Land Cruiser? This is what is happening in Rundu,” he said.
He made reference to Kehemu, Sauyemwa and Kaisosi, saying these settlements are dirty.
“During elections we go and tell these people that the conditions they live under will change, but it is worse now,” Kandjimi said.
He further said councillors and administrators “just attend meetings.”
Kandjimi, who clearly made the councillors and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rundu town Romanus Haironga uncomfortable, also complained about big holes next to some lodges in town caused by heavy rains early this year. He alleged that the town council only placed an advertisement for the development of stormwater drainage this month.
“The closing date is 16 September and the tender will probably only be awarded in October. The contractor will probably start on the project in November and then the rains are here,” he said.
Hannes Balzaar, representing the farmers union, also had a few complaints.
“We want to attract investors with the hosting of the trade fair which is just two months away, but there are cattle roaming around in town,” he said.
He said cattle are a common sight in residential areas such as Tutungeni and advised the town council to look into impounding the animals and charging the owner a fee to secure its release.
Balzaar complained about the lack of street lights, particularly from the traffic circle in the centre of town up to the Wimpy fast food outlet.
“Driving in town from the circle up to Wimpy, you will notice that it is very dark. Even from Wimpy going outside of town it is dark as well. Let us please install street lights,” he pleaded.
In response, Rundu Mayor Verna Sinimbo said such platforms are important to strengthen the relationship between the business community and the town council.
She said it is not that they cannot see the litter in town, adding that the town council has a cleaning programme in place that will begin operating once the council’s finances are in order.
“We do not want to just run a one-day clean up campaign, the impact is not always that good. We are looking at a programme that should at least run for a month or two and it includes educating the community on the importance of keeping the town clean,” she said.
Sinimbo stated that people should realise how bad it is to litter and said keeping the town clean should be a joint effort between the town council and community.