Land Rover aficionados to descend on Uis

21 Aug 2016 10:00am
WINDHOEK, 21 AUG (NAMPA) - Since the start of the Land Rover Owner Namibia (LRON) club around a year ago, one of the many dreams was to have a ‘Landy festival’.
The festival is scheduled for Uis in the Erongo Region on 26 to 28 August.
Henry Bisschoff, avid owner and supporter of the car brand, affectionately known as a 'Landy' by Land Rover aficionados, told Nampa earlier this week the all-wheel drive vehicles always attract attention.
“Landy owners are also passionate people and are involved in various charity drives,” Bisschoff said, adding that owning a Land Rover is part of a lifestyle, especially when one looks at the evolvement of the vehicle since it first saw the light nearly 70 years ago in the United Kingdom.
The very first Land Rover was launched on 30 April 1948 and since then, millions have been produced, serving in roles varying from wars to peacekeeping by various countries.
There are probably as many jokes about Land Rovers as there have been vehicles manufactured. Bisschoff said this is evident when they sit around the fire sharing stories about their adventures.
This was also where the idea of a Land Rover festival originated.
“As Landy owners we took a big bite with lots of confidence into this upcoming venture,” Bisschoff said when asked about the Uis Land Rover Festival.
The aim, he said, is to get as many Land Rover owners as possible together at one spot at the same time, with Uis in the Erongo Region as the setting.
International interest has been received from as far as Russia, England and South America, but due to time constraints they do not expect participants from those parts of the world, Bisschoff said.
They however expect participants from South Africa to attend.
A lot of entertainment is scheduled for the three days, but drivers and mechanical skills will mostly be tested to the limits, Bisschoff said.
Whether the event will surpass the figure of 1 007 vehicles convening at a 2012 South African event will have to be seen.
One thing is for sure - vehicles as old as 50 years and the latest models will share the same spot during the weekend.