Swanu celebrates 54th anniversary

29 Sep 2013 07:00
SWAKOPMUND, 29 SEP (NAMPA) – Swanu of Namibia wants the issue of land distribution to be addressed in order for equitable distribution of land in Namibia to be ensured.
This was said by Swanu vice president Asnath !Nuwuses during the party’s 54th anniversary celebrations here on Saturday.
!Nuwuses said the land question remains a concern to the party despite the Namibian Government making commendable efforts to address the issue with a view toward equal distribution.
“It is with great concern and dissatisfaction that Swanu is addressing this question once more as it was one of the reasons why Swanu was formed. Swanu still believes that unless the land is returned, talk of equitable distribution of resources is wishful thinking, if not fantasy,” she said.
!Nuwuses added that Government should be the major mover of socio-economic development by ensuring that land is an encompassing resource which “will take people out of poverty and destitution”.
“The sustainability of the policy of national reconciliation is only possible and visible if people have access to land, since there can be no reconciliation in the absence of restitution,” she noted.
She further indicated that the party is committed to addressing people’s needs and aspirations, as well as placing emphasis on making education free and compulsory.
The party was established on 27 September 1959 with the aim of emancipating all social strata of the Namibian society.
During the anniversary celebrations, party members reflected on the political dynamics which led to the formation of Swanu.