Hybaskova wants radio coverage in remote areas

20 Aug 2016 11:30am
WINDHOEK, 20 AUG (NAMPA) - European Union (EU) Ambassador to Namibia Jana Hybaskova is pleading for an improvement of radio coverage in remote areas of the country, particularly in the Kunene, Tsumkwe and Zambezi regions.
Speaking at the fifth Gender and Media Summit here on Thursday, Hybaskova said people, specifically women and children, in such parts of the country have little or no access to information on issues that affect them on a daily basis.
“People in remote areas have a right to information and they need our assistance because that is the basis of their lives. They need information and they deserve it so, please let us empower them,” she pleaded.
Hybaskova, who was on a visit to the northern parts of the country in her personal capacity recently, noted that Ovahimba and San women need information relating to maternal health, agriculture, and education.
“I was asking the minister today [Thursday], what the radio coverage is in Namibia, and he said it is 78 per cent. Please make it 100 per cent,” she asked.
This, Hybaskova said, will be crucial in addressing social ills such as domestic violence, equity and ensuring the participation of women in decision making and policies aimed at empowering them.
“Namibia needs a strategic co-ordination of gender policies. We have perfect strategies but we need a daily routine of implementation,” she added.
Speaking at the same event, Minister of Information and Communication Technology Tjekero Tweya responded by saying that Government remains committed to improving coverage.
“These are the people who need access to information but they are deliberately put on the periphery because they are unemployed,” said Tweya.
He added that financial resources are often approved at a snail’s pace within Government, which then prolongs service delivery.
“I only need money to take this infrastructure to those areas so that these people are part of the bigger house, called [the] Namibian house,” said Tweya.
During the celebration of World Radio Day at the Epako Community Hall in Gobabis in February this year, Tweya said his ministry will strive to achieve 100 per cent radio coverage for all Namibians.