Oshana festival preserves and promotes culture

20 Aug 2016 11:00am
OSHAKATI, 20 AUG (NAMPA) – Cultural groups from constituencies of the Oshana Region are competing in the 22nd annual cultural festival hosted by the Oshana Education Directorate at the Oshakati Senior Secondary School.
The event started Friday and ends Saturday.
Adult and out of school youth, senior secondary, junior secondary, upper primary and lower primary groups are competing in six categories.
Oshana Regional Governor Clemens Kashuupulwa, in his official opening address, said hosting an annual cultural festival is a commitment to promoting culture and contributes significantly to the preservation of cultural heritage.
“Cultural heritage, in any given society, is passed on from generation to generation,” the governor noted, adding it is the responsibility of every citizen to maintain culture for the benefit of generations to come.
He urged the inhabitants of his region to realise that culture is part of the Namibian nation’s identity and shall be upheld and recognised for nation building in the country.
“It is our diverse cultures that give all Namibians a sense of belonging, identity and pride in our own creative talents and way of life.”
Kashuupulwa said Namibia should understand that the ultimate goal of celebrating culture is to revitalise the various Namibian cultures, which serves as a tool for tolerance, understanding, peace, respect and eventually enhancing the Namibian identity at regional, national and international level.
Also speaking at the cultural festival’s official opening ceremony, Oshana Regional Education Director, Hileni Amukana echoed Kashuupulwa by describing the annual cultural festival as an event of preserving, promotion and teaching future generations of the country’s culture.
Amukana said it is known that a nation or country without culture is like embarking upon a misguided journey.
“Therefore, the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture is committed to the respect and celebration of culture.”
Amukana said lessons on culture and tradition will be introduced in schools in the near future.