Town council responds to Opuwo Concern Group

18 Aug 2016 19:50pm
OPUWO, 18 AUG (NAMPA) - Members of the Opuwo Concern Group have accused the Opuwo Town Council of not having done enough to get answers to the petition handed over by the group on 10 June.
The group staged a peaceful demonstration before handing over a petition listing a number of grievances to the council, demanding feedback within 30 days.
They mentioned 13 issues of concern, including a request to have the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Alfons Tjitombo, removed because the group alleges that Tjitombo has not brought any development to the town.
Other issues included the alleged unfair distribution of land in Opuwo, alleged mismanagement of funds by the town council and accusations that the office of the CEO is not open to members of the public.
The group also alleges that N.dollars 2 million was mismanaged while another over N. dollars 400 000 was spent on an investor's conference earlier this year, which the group feels in could have been spent on other needs at the town.
Last week, the town councillors gave the group feedback at the Opuwo Primary School.
The chairperson of the town council’s management committee, Urikee Tjazapi said most of the issues raised by the group were inherited from the previous council. He added that they needed more time for investigations.
On the issue of unfair distribution of land, the council told the group there are acknowledgements of application, which is done by issuing a duplicate of the form handed in during an application.
“We have instructed the property officer to be transparent from now on and we have seen change,” Tjazapi said.
On the allegations of mismanagement of funds and the money spent on the investor’s conference, the council said these have been handed over for investigation to the Anti-Corruption Commission.
Kauta Tjijenda, a community activist appealed to the councillors to contact them should they need any evidence of the allegations.