Veterans’ spiritual counselling vital: Nicanor

18 Aug 2016 10:20am
OSHAKATI, 18 AUG (NAMPA) - Spiritual counselling for veterans of the liberation struggle will also be offered to their family members, the Deputy Minister of Veterans’ Affairs Hilma Nicanor has said.
Speaking during the official opening of the second four-day pastoral orientation seminar here on Monday, she said the seminar is vital.
“It is aimed at ensuring the orientation and preparation of the second group of spiritual leaders from all 14 regions, who will be joining the ministry in providing spiritual and psychosocial support to our veterans and their dependents,” said Nicanor.
The pastoral orientation is aimed at strengthening spiritual counselling services as per a Memorandum of Understanding between the government, represented by the National Planning Commission, and the Council of Churches in Namibia signed in 2010.
The deputy minister noted that Namibian churches have played a significant role – both during and after the national liberation struggle.
“They have been known for their unwavering support towards the cause of the struggle of our country and they continue to play an important role in the transformation of the Namibian nation after independence.”
The Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs is instructed to coordinate Government efforts in all aspects related to addressing the difficulties of war veterans in Namibia and to ensure that their needs and objectives are met.
Nicanor said most war veterans have been left emotionally and physically scarred and as a result of this, these veterans are being coupled with socio-economic difficulties as well as post-war trauma.
“I am therefore confident that this spiritual counselling will bring relief to our people - those who need healing, restoration and rehabilitation - which will then enable them to continue being the productive members of society that they need to be.”
The seminar ends Thursday.