Defiant 'struggle kids' cause commotion

16 Aug 2016 21:10pm
WINDHOEK, 16 AUG (NAMPA) - Chairperson of the 'Children of the Liberation Struggle', Tuhafeni Nhinda said the group will issue a response to the Swapo Party and Kalahari Holdings in respect of their notice of eviction from Ndilimani Farm dated last Friday and delivered on Monday.
The about 470 struggle kids on Tuesday afternoon marched to the Swapo Party Headquarters where they blocked entrance to the premises and held staff hostage for about two hours from 14h00.
The letter from Conradie and Damaseb Legal Practitioners in possession of Nampa reads that apart from refusing to be relocated, the struggle kids “have further acted in a manner which is completely deplorable in that you use the Plot to launch illegal activities such as creating a nuisance to Kalahari Holdings (Pty) Ltd as the owner of the Plot, as well as the neighbours by engaging in illegal activities such as looting, victimisation of third parties, blocking national roads, throwing stone at third parties and other violent activities”.
Speaking to Nampa on the site, Nhinda said they are demanding a meeting with Swapo Party Secretary-General Nangolo Mbumba to seek recourse regarding the letter from the law firm on behalf on the party and company owned by the party.
Nhinda stressed they do not intend to ignore the eviction but are seeking a response from Mbumba on an alternative place to be relocated to.
“We want to follow the procedures but they [Swapo] did not even come to us to tell us about the eviction. Now we want [Nangolo] Mbumba to come to us,” he said.
The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) Special Reserve Force was Tuesday deployed at about 16h00, which is when the stone throwing and hurling insults at Nampol officials escalated.
This lead to the firing of about four warning shots to disperse the crowd from the Swapo Party Headquarters, which however resulted in more chaos. The disgruntled crowd of unemployed youth only came to order when addressed by Nhinda, who advised them to relent and follow the lawful procedure of returning to the farm and responding in writing.
Nhinda, who had been consulting with the law enforcement agencies, told Nampa their confrontation with the police is not intentional; all they want is to see Mbumba on the matter.
“We do want any disagreements but [Nangolo] Mbumba must come to us so that we can discuss on the way forward,” he noted.
The group of more than 470 people has been demanded to vacate the Ndilimani Farm, not later than 12h00 on Wednesday, 17 August 2016 according to the letter issued by the law firm, after they refused to relocate to another farm.
The group also claim to have written a letter seeking an audience with Mbumba on the 11 August, after which they were informed that he was out of office until 22 August 2016.
Attempts to obtain comment from Mbumba proved futile as his number remained unreachable.
Last Monday, the struggle kids placed tents, road signs, and poles on the B1 main road linking Okahandja and Windhoek, which lead to a confrontation with NamPol in their attempt to attract Government and public attention.
When asked why they are refusing to be relocated, Nhinda said their peers accommodated at Farm Du Plessis have told them that they live in unsafe conditions.
“They just told us that it is not safe but they did not give me the descriptions,” said Nhinda.
On 27 July, the struggle kids were offered relocation to training centres including Farm Du Plessis in Omaheke Region, where they would receive training in plumbing, agriculture, auto mechanics and electrical installation amongst others.