Lions threating people and livestock in Otjindakui

15 Aug 2016 08:40am
OPUWO, 15 AUG (NAMPA) - Residents of the Otjindakui village in the Sesfontein Constituency are complaining about lions threatening their lives and livestock.
They have thus requested their constituency councillor, Julius Kaujova to intervene.
Resident Rickey Tjipombo said they had to kill one lion on 26 June when it came very close to their homes.
“By law, we are requested to report to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism within 24 hours once we kill a wild animal, which we did, only for the police to come and confiscate two guns from the villagers for investigation,” he told Nampa on Saturday.
Crime coordinator of the police in the Kunene Region, Deputy Commissioner Rudolf Kanyetu told this agency the guns were confiscated and sent for forensic tests, and it will be given back to the owners.
“It is a normal practice to confiscate firearms if animals are killed to find out if such firearms were not involved in other incidents of poaching, as poaching is common in that area,” he said.
Tjipombo further said nothing is done by those in power to prevent human-wildlife conflict.
Ronnie Uatokuja, also a communal farmer, said earlier this month a man on a donkey had to flee for his life after he was chased by lions when he was coming from the shop.
This happened in the area of the Okotjitenda village in the same constituency.
“The lions killed the donkey and the poor man lost the maize he went to get for his homestead,” an emotional Uatokuja said.
Another concerned farmer, Phares Karutjaiva, said: “We do not eat lions, we make our living from our livestock and the border should be big between conservancies and our areas of grazing”.
Kaujova told this reporter that he is aware of the complaint and a meeting has been arranged for Friday when all stakeholders will try to find a solution to this problem.