Namibia and Botswana cooperating on defence

28 Sep 2013 04:20
SWAKOPMUND, 28 SEP (NAMPA) - The principles set by the Namibia-Botswana joint commission on defence must serve as a guide to promoting and improving both countries’ socio-political and economic conditions.
This is according to the Minister of Safety and Security Immanuel Ngatjizeko, who spoke here on Thursday during the last day of the 23rd session of the Namibia-Botswana Joint Permanent Commission on Defence and Security.
The meeting, which hosted high ranking officers and officials from various Government offices of the two states, started on Tuesday and ran for three days.
During the session, senior officials discussed reports on the successes and setbacks of the joint commission, as well as the recommendations made.
The officials also discussed matters related to addressing the peace and security situations affecting both countries.
Ngatjizeko indicated in his statement that the session was yet another opportunity to discuss and take collective decisions on issues of bilateral interest affecting the two countries in the domain of defence, safety and security.
He said the commission not only serves as a forum for the defence, safety and security sectors to discuss matters affecting the two nations, but also plays a pivotal role in deepening Namibia and Botswana’s historical relations.
“Namibia and Botswana are ranked amongst the politically and economically stable countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Region and beyond. Knowing the successes and failures serves as a yardstick to determine whether the work of this Commission is delivering on its political mandate or not,” Ngatjizeko noted.
He further urged the officials to work together as defence and security partners in SADC for the continuation of a peaceful environment along the common border the two countries share, which requires constant communication at different levels.