Wakashamane road linking Omusati to Angola

11 Aug 2016 09:20am
WAKASHAMANE, 11 AUG (NAMPA) - Deputy Minister of Works and Transport James Sankwasa has urged the Roads Authority (RA) to not appoint contractors just because they submitted the cheapest tender bid.
Speaking whilst officially inaugurating the seven kilometres Epako-Omuvelo Wakashamane Border Post District Road (DR) 3668 on Wednesday, Sankwasa said contracts must strictly be awarded to contractors who have adequate technical capacity.
Sankwasa further said contracts must be awarded to contractors who also have the financial means to complete projects within the specified period and according to specifications.
“I believe the time has come for Namibia to produce international construction companies that can compete in the international market,” the Works and Transport Deputy Minister noted.
The completion of the DR 3668 was delayed due to non-performance of the contractor who was initially appointed, a joint venture of Namibia Investment Contract, Dolly Investment and Tix Investment.
The joint venture was awarded the contract in November 2013 at a cost of more than N.dollars 34 million, but the project was not completed in the specified 12-month period.
The tender was cancelled and re-awarded to China Longjian Investments in November last year.
Director of China Longjian Investments, Yu Dengwen told Nampa shortly after the inauguration that his company completed the construction on 13 June this year at a cost of N.dollars 35 million.
Sankwasa said the project offered temporary employment opportunities to 30 members from the local community.
DR 3668 links the Omusati Region to Angola at a Namibia-Angola border post called Omuvelo Wakashamane in the west of the Okalongo Constituency.