Involve youth in politics: Mensah-Williams

10 Aug 2016 12:00pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 10 AUG (NAMPA) - National Council (NC) Chairperson Margaret Mensah-Williams has revealed that a junior national council will be set up towards the end of the year.
Visiting Keetmanshoop during the annual Parliamentary outreach programme on Monday, she said it is important to keep the youth involved in leadership matters.
“They have to be kept occupied, otherwise they may be preyed upon by other forces,” Mensah-Williams said in a meeting with //Kharas Governor Lucia Basson and other regional Government representatives.
The chairperson said authorities have to think beyond speaking to those acting against the interest of Namibia’s development and rather communicate in ways of addressing the social issues.
“We can no longer sit at the pulpit and speak to the converted. We have to go and get the youth where they are and let them speak about issues that confront them.”
Young people can use the performing arts to address issues like rage killing, baby dumping and alcohol abuse, said Mensah-Williams who toured with a theatre group to explain the functions of the NC.
She urged the public in a community meeting on the same day to give input during soon-to-start consultations on the Liquor Act Amendment Bill.
“The Bill is out now for consultations, make your voice heard. If we close all the alcohol outlets in the country, I will be the happiest person.”
Mensah-Williams also urged the “southerners” to rid themselves of perceptions that they are drunkards and unwilling to work.
“I refuse to listen when people say my people are lazy and that they drink too much. Use your natural talents in the arts, livestock farming and handcrafts and appease the ancestors,” said Mensah-Williams, who herself hails from the south of Namibia.
The country belongs to all Namibians and southerners should fight for what rightfully belongs to them, she stressed.
“The ancestors are restless. They are not happy. Land was taken from them and that land still does not belong to their children. People here should get the same sort of places that others in the country call villages.”
Mensah-Williams further said people should report corruption to the Anti-Corruption Commission so that culprits are brought to book.
“We should Harambee together and we should stop keeping quiet. Get up, take each other’s hand, fight, pray and laugh together, but expose the corruption that is swallowing up our beautiful country.”