Ambunda removed from IBO ranking

09 Aug 2016 19:40pm
WINDHOEK, 09 AUG (NAMPA) - The International Boxing Organization (IBO) has removed Namibian boxer Paulus 'The Rock' Ambunda from its rankings after his stable, the Nestor Sunshine Boxing and Fitness Academy failed to settle sanctions fees.
The sanctioning fee that the boxing stable failed to pay was N.dollars 231 000 after his unification world title fight with Moises 'Chucky' Flores of Mexico in June at the Ramatex complex in Windhoek.
Ambunda, who lost his title during that fight, was removed from the IBO rankings on Monday. The IBO also severed its ties with the academy and its chief promoter Nestor Tobias over the outstanding payment.
The former World Boxing Association (WBA) Super Bantamweight world champion was ranked ninth by the IBO before his removal.
A statement availed to Nampa on Tuesday by the boxing stable said the suspension is nothing serious as it does not relate to an irregularity, but to an outstanding payment.
“We were hit by very high exchange rates at the time, and had to pay two different sanctioning bodies in foreign currency.
“We have however been in constant contact with the IBO office and assured them that the outstanding amount will be paid in due course. I am surprised that they have now resorted to this action while we had an understanding, but we remain respectful of their decision,” Tobias said in the statement.
He added that the sanction will not affect the academy in any way because the IBO is just one of the top five sanctioning bodies they are working with.
“We have no fights planned with IBO in the immediate future. That however does not mean we will not honour our outstanding bills. We will continue to work with the other sanctioning bodies – the WBC, WBO, WBA and IBF - but we will not shut out IBO because they are also a credible body,” he said.
He echoed that the sanctioning will not affect Ambunda’s rating.
“Ambunda is a world class fighter. Even if he is not rated under IBO he maintains his world rating with the other sanctioning bodies. We are already planning his next fight and that is fortunately not under IBO, so he will not be affected,” said Tobias.
Meanwhile, World Boxing Organisation (WBO) Vice Chairperson for Africa and Asia, Samir Captan of Ghana has endorsed the MTC Sunshine Academy.
He also hailed the academy's founder, Tobias as a leading promoter in Africa.
In a media statement made available to Nampa on Tuesday, Captan was quoted as saying “We are very happy with the manner in which the Nestor Sunshine Boxing and Fitness Academy manages their affairs. They are always professional and I can confidently say that Mr Tobias and the Nestor Sunshine Boxing and Fitness Academy are without a doubt the leading promoter in Africa at the moment.”
He was speaking at a face-off day prior to the 'No Mercy Part Five' Boxing Bonanza, which took place on Saturday.
The event was organised by the academy.
“I know it is extremely difficult to organise boxing fights as a promoter, because it is very expensive and the promoter is responsible for all costs. Putting five title fights on one card does not happen often, and not many promoters around the world can achieve what the academy is achieving, and this is therefore commendable,” said Captan.
On his part Tobias said he is humbled by the remarks.
“The MTC Nestor Sunshine Boxing and Fitness Academy has worked very closely with the WBO for many years now, and was honoured with the ‘Best Promoter in Africa’ award for three consecutive years which speaks volumes of the quality and depth we have.
“We can only thank all the stakeholders and fans for the support we have enjoyed over the years. Boxing is an expensive sport, but also a very exciting one and we will therefore continue to promote the sport in the interest of the boys and the country,” he said.