Blood banks critically low

08 Aug 2016 17:40pm
WINDHOEK, 08 AUG (NAMPA) - The Namibia Blood Transfusion Service (NamBTS) blood stocks are running critically low.
The stocks are low despite efforts which were made to collect blood before the Ministry of Health and Social Services' measles and rubella immunisation campaign held between 11 and 22 July 2016.
NamBTS Head of Public Relations, Promotions and Recruitment Zita Tobin was quoted in a media statement issued on Monday as saying they need type O blood urgently.
“While all blood types are needed our O blood supply is in demand,” she said.
Manager for Clinic Division in the NamBTS Judith Sinvula said blood transfusion collections dropped by 75 per cent during the winter months as a result of the immunisations.
“Donors that have been immunised are deferred for four weeks and the fact that donors are also deferred for colds and flu during winter months has dropped our collections by 75 per cent,” the statement read.
The blood transfusion service is appealing to donors between 40 and 65 years to donate blood, including donors who have not donated for a while and people who have not donated before.
“Those over 40 years who were not immunised can donate, but only if they are in good health,” Sinvula stated.
NamBTS has also extended its operating hours this week to accommodate donors.
Its centre in Windhoek’s Tal Street will be open until 18h00 from Tuesday to Thursday; while the centre in Independence Avenue will operate until 18h00 on Wednesday.
Donors at the coast can donate between 13h00 and 18h00 on Mondays only at the Swakopmund centre and between 13h00 and 18h00 at the Walvis Bay centre on Tuesdays.