Children should be seen and heard: Tjivangurura

04 Aug 2016 19:10pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 04 AUG (NAMPA) – //Kharas Regional Representative of the Office of the Ombudsman Chris Tjivangurura told school youth not to believe the “misconception” that children should only be seen and never heard.
Tjivangurura in fact encouraged learners and out-of-school youth under age 18, to speak out for their rights as guaranteed by the Namibian Constitution.
Whilst speaking at the belated Day of the African Child celebrations in Keetmanshoop on Wednesday, Tjivangurura said that society had an obligation to protect children from abuse and exploitation.
“You also have the right to an adequate standard of living, food, decent housing, health care and education. These are your birth rights, not promises,” he said.
If children feel their rights are not met, they are free to challenge it in a court of law, Tjivangurura added.
“You certainly cannot only be seen, you must be heard too.”
He raised a red flag on possible social, cultural and religious norms that may be harmful to the well-being of children.
“If you notice this in your community, you should report it,” Tjivangurura said, providing the youngsters with contact numbers to the Office of the Ombudsman.
Cases can be reported to the Children’s Advocate through social workers or school counsellors.
Day of the African Child was celebrated at the Multi-Purpose Youth Centre by several young people from various //Kharas Region constituencies.
Discussions revolved around the importance of education, discipline and parental involvement in guiding children.
Mayor of the Keetmanshoop Junior Town Council Malakia Amutenya said that as much as young people have the right to school, they have the responsibility to study and to do homework.