Revealed: Why women cheat - Part 1

September 26, 2013, 11:30 am

Not so long ago I wrote a similar article of this nature but that was why men cheat and now I recently witnessed something interesting and just thought I would gather up my thoughts and actually jot down notes on why women cheat. Please not that this is not from personal experience but basically through observation, people around me, ok and maybe, just a little bit of experience.

I would like to believe that some women, who are married of course find it thrilling to be fooling around and sneaking around with another woman’s man and this excites them, especially if the person is not married. When the guy is married it even becomes a bonus because they both get to sneak around and it becomes like a game that just waits to end when they both get caught or something, I didn’t really know. You know that feeling of doing something soo wrong and yet again if feels right and s damn right naughty? I think it’s the rush that makes it all exciting. Like I said I do not know. This one will get your throat slit.

You know what they say about women and having big hearts or just wanting to be living a comfortable zone, wanting the finer things in life and how they never want to live in poverty. Well, they end up cheating and have boyfriend no 1, 2, and 3 respectively. Now all these boyfriends serve different purpose, I mean we all know this now don’t we. Boyfriend no 1 has a car to drop her of from one point to another. Sometimes boyfriend no 1 also drops her off at boyfriend number 2 without knowing. I seriously don’t know how these women pull this off but I am sure that it’s as easy as it looks. My opinion is that they should try and get a “one in all” kinda boyfriend and also have a job. This kind of cheating is done by women who I will call in this scenario “liker of things”. Now this is the most dangerous form of cheating that has got our sisters slashed or shot or thrown off bridges (no offence).

Women cheat because they are not getting enough or are not getting it good between the sheets and trust me this is enough reason for me to cheat as well. Then again I wonder why they can’t just completely get out of the whole relationship, well it’s not easy. I mean, look. I have a good guy, buys me all that I need, spoils me rotten and will go to hell and back for me but not living up to expectations in the bedroom. Well, I will go out and look for someone whose natural package is much more satisfying. However I will still hold on to the good one and still sneak around with the more blessed one. Everything else can be there but if and I repeat, just like I said man cheat when they do not get what they want, same goes for women also.

Then there are women that cheat because their boyfriends genuinely cheated on them at some stage in their relationships. Now I have said this in the other article already but women have a tendency of cheating also just because they were cheated on. Woman you are turning yourself into nothing but a whore. Do not think that sweet little revenge will make him feel worse, no sweetheart, you will be off the calendar faster than a 5 minute one hit wonder, oto dhana ndishi.

Then you get the low self esteem ladies, now these are weird ladies I tell. You find that they already have boyfriends but the mistake here is that the boyfriends do not compliment them as much or tell them that they are beautiful. What happens here again? Oh when a guy notices such a person they will flash out all the things you were not told or are not used to hearing and then this leads you to cheat on your guy, this is more like an involuntary thing. You think your guy doesn’t notice you anymore and you are now getting attention from someone who notices how you look, your new set of earring and so forth. Come on, you know you are beautiful so why cheat, just to get noticed.

Article by Nelago Sheyadiva