Naomab positions UNAM Southern Campus for NDP5

01 Aug 2016 11:30am
KEETMANSHOOP, 01 AUG (NAMPA) – University of Namibia Assistant Vice-Chancellor Erold Naomab advocated for the inclusion of UNAM Southern Campus in the upcoming National Development Plan (NDP5).
Positioning the campus as a key development partner during //Kharas Region NDP5 deliberations in here on Friday, Naomab reiterated that education was an 'economic' issue.
He said that the future growth in student and lecture numbers of the young campus would ensure huge financial inflows into the region.
UNAM already invested N.dollars 35 million into the upgrade of existing lecturing and accommodation facilities in Keetmanshoop.
A further N.dollars 80 to N.dollars 100 million is earmarked this year for the construction of the first phase of the permanent structures of the university.
Naomab said that the envisaged establishment of the Geology School at the southern campus would contribute to technological advances in the mining and underground water sectors of the region.
He said that the professional expertise imparted in the region would reduce the skills gap and increase overall competency levels.
“We will get involved in improving basic literacy and numeracy levels at base school level and spearhead indigenous language training,” the southern campus director promised.
Naomab also said that the university would assist the region in plans to develop sustainable and diversified projects in the areas of energy, horticulture, petroleum and animal husbandry.
All these departments are planned in the expansion of the campus, he said.
“We are particularly interested in value addition of existing mining and agricultural products of the region and want to be active partners in the future success of the Neckartal Dam irrigation project,” he said.
Emphasising the role of the campus in the south of Namibia, Naomab said: “The southern campus here is as important as Harvard is to Massachusetts, Stellenbosch is to Cape Town and Wall Street is to New York.”
The //Kharas NDP5 deliberations were chaired by Anellie Hifene, Deputy Permanent Secretary for the National Planning Commision and //Kharas Chief Regional Officer Saul Kahuika.
Implementation of NDP5 will commence in March next year.