Pit bull attack victim wants $75 000 from owner

29 Jul 2016 15:40pm
OTJIWARONGO, 29 JUL (NAMPA) - The owner of three pit bull dogs that attacked a gardener at Otjiwarongo on Monday morning, has successfully opposed the removal of her dogs.
Lizle Barnard was supposed to remove the dogs from the boundaries of the town on Thursday, according to an Otjiwarongo Municipality order.
Barnard and her lawyers - Kruger Van Vuuren & Co – on Wednesday challenged the order of the municipality to remove her dogs by the due date, and instead requested an opportunity to establish facilities that would keep all three dogs under proper control.
Otjiwarongo Municipality Public Relations Officer Adelheid Shilongo on Friday said her office will discuss the request with the local authority councillors to see what can be done next.
In the meantime, the victim of the attack, Desiderius Hitila, said he might not lay a charge against Barnard and instead wants to be compensated.
“I will have a talk with my employer and see if she can pay me some money for the injuries I suffered from her dogs’ bites,” said Hitila, who is still receiving medical treatment at the Otjiwarongo State Hospital.
Hitila wants N.dollars 75 000 for the injuries after the three dogs attacked him when he just started work on Barnard’s garden along Hindenburg Street in Otjiwarongo.
He suffered bites all over his body with some severe bites being visible on his upper and lower lips, arms, legs and buttocks.
Hitila worked for Barnard for the past six months.