Baler machine for Keetmanshoop SME

27 Jul 2016 18:20pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 27 JUL (NAMPA) – The Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development on Wednesday handed over a baler machine worth N.dollars 500 000 to a local recycling company.
Danie du Toit, owner of Recycle Products Namibia (RPN), was a happy man as he watched the machine compress hundreds of boxes of carton during the official handover.
“I am very grateful for this donation from Government and for the polite and professional assistance I received from ministry officials here in Keetmanshoop,” he said.
Industrial balers are used to compress metal, plastic, glass or paper for transport.
Regional head of the ministry, Johannes Kisting said the proposal received from RPN was unique and beneficial not only to the company, but to the town as well.
“Waste is a big environmental problem in our town and this donation will ensure that more waste is disposed of effectively in a shorter period of time,” he said.
RPN, already sub-contracted by the Keetmanshoop Municipality to manage waste at the local landfill, employs 11 people at the dumpsite and appointed another five people to work at the compressing site.
The ministry’s administration officer, Ndeshi Shaamena, said the use of the machine would reduce the carbon footprint caused by burning waste at the landfill.
“Burning, as a means of disposal, will be reduced by 50 per cent. More paper, glass and plastic waste will be compressed instead of burned,” she said.
The Bulkmatech Cape machine is designed to compress and package waste of over one tonne per hour, instructor Alain Leonnet, from the South African-based company that supplied the machine, explained.
He added that RPN would be able to increase its profit margin through use of the machine.
“They can now cut out the middleman in South Africa who does this job. Instead of N.dollars 400 per tonne, they can now get N.dollars 1 300 per tonne by compressing the products themselves,” said Leonnet.
Companies then clean and melt, crush, shred or heat the compressed materials and produce recycled tins/cans, glass, plastic and paper products.
RPN applied for the machine through the ministry's Equipment Aid Scheme.