National Council resumes business

25 Jul 2016 17:20pm
WINDHOEK, 25 JUL (NAMPA) - A number of Bills are lined up for review in the National Council that resumed here on Monday.
The House of Review will, among others, discuss the Anti-Corruption Amendment Bill, Bill Six of 2016; Liquor Amendment Bill, Bill 7 of 2016; and the Business and Intellectual Property Authority Bill, Bill 8 of 2016.
Other Bills include the Namibia Investment Promotion Bill, Bill 10 of 2016; and the Namibia Citizens Bill, Bill 11 of 2016.
The business of the day was then postponed until Tuesday.
The Anti-Corruption Amendment Bill is meant to align the Act with the 2014 constitutional amendment. It aims to change the title of director and deputy-director of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to director-general and deputy director-general, respectively.
The Liquor Amendment Bill aims to, among others, amend the Liquor Act, 1998, so as to provide for the issuing of licences to establishments within a prescribed distance in the vicinity of certain areas and the inclusion of residential premises and hospitals as an additional factor to be taken into account when considering a licence application. It also seeks to provide for the regulation of the selling of alcohol in retail outlets linked to petrol and diesel service stations outside the prescribed hours.
The Business and Intellectual Property Authority Bill is aimed at establishing the Business and Intellectual Property Authority; to provide for its powers and functions; to provide for the Board of BIPA and its powers and functions; to consolidate certain offices; to amend certain laws; and to provide for incidental matters.
The Namibia Investment Promotion Bill is aimed at protecting both domestic and foreign investors; assist Namibian companies in becoming more competitive; and allows Namibia to take its place among industrialised nations by 2030.
The Namibia Citizens Bill seeks to amend the Namibian Citizenship Act of 1990 to make clear the meaning of the term ‘ordinary resident’ in relation to the acquisition of Namibian citizenship by birth of a person born in Namibia by parents who are not Namibian citizens.