Bunya community stage peaceful demonstration

22 Jul 2016 14:20pm
BUNYA, 22 JUL (NAMPA) - Bunya Circuit Inspector Keith Sanzilla, who is accused of favouritism and nepotism at the circuit office, has declined to comment on the allegations.
Sanzilla is blamed for appointing a person from outside the Bunya village in the Kavango West Region to fill the vacancy of cleaner at the circuit office.
This office manages education matters in the Bunya, Dudu, Karangana and Sivara villages of the Kapako Constituency.
The community subsequently staged a peaceful demonstration here on Monday in protest of the ‘unfair’ recruitment, and demanded that Sanzilla be removed from the office and to cancel the appointment.
They are angry that the entry-level position of cleaner was filled by a candidate from Rundu in the Kavango East Region, despite many people from the Kapako Constituency also being interviewed.
The successful candidate reported for work at the circuit office last Monday.
After agreeing to an interview with Nampa, Sanzilla on Thursday said he was advised not to speak to the media and referred this agency to the Regional Director of Education in both Kavango East and West regions Mathaus Nauyoma.
Nauyoma, however, said he is in Windhoek and was not around when the demonstration took place. He then referred this reporter to the Acting Director Karapo Kandjimi; calls to Kandjimi’s phone went unanswered.
Reading the petition on behalf of the disgruntled group during the demonstration on Monday, Dagobert Mukoya said Sanzilla had a hand in appointing the Rundu candidate because of her family ties to the person responsible for human resources at the circuit.
“The community of Bunya village gave their custodian land to Government through the Ministry of Education, as this was a necessary institution, which we thought would benefit our children and the youth in our constituency in different aspects,” he read.
Mukoya said the Kapako Constituency is the poorest among all constituencies in the country, noting that people in position of leadership such as Sanzilla are ignorant to this fact and are not helping the constituency develop.
What is more disappointing, he said, is that the position of entry level cleaner does not really require somebody with specialised skills, adding that candidates from the constituency could have been given preference.
“We, the community, are really unhappy and find this quite disturbing and challenging to understand,” the petition read.
Receiving the petition, Constituency Councillor Johannes Karondo said as a constituency, they cannot afford to bring in people from outside, especially for jobs that require no academic qualification.
“As such, I appeal that the appointment of the cleaner from Rundu be revoked and a local resident be employed,” he indicated.