Omaheke Trade Fair exhibitors happy with business

25 Sep 2013 11:40
GOBABIS, 25 SEP (NAMPA) - Many exhibitors who are showcasing their products and services at the second edition of the Omaheke Trade Fair (OTF) currently underway here, have expressed satisfaction with the support they are receiving from customers.
Service providers exhibiting at the trade fair, especially corporate companies, told Nampa on Wednesday that clients have been freely accessing their services since the trade event opened for business on Tuesday.
Standard Bank Gobabis Branch Manager Gerson Phiri, whose institution is amongst those exhibiting at the trade fair, said visitors are frequenting their stall for the opening of new accounts, the usage of internet banking facilities and to access other banking services.
“The cell-phone banking seems to be the most popular product being demanded at the moment, but I am generally satisfied with the rate at which business is going at present. It is still early days and I remain positive that business will peak in the coming days,” he said.
The bank has gone a step further by providing a mobile van on the trade fair grounds, which can be used as a ‘mobile branch’ where cash deposits and withdrawals, amongst other transactions, can be made.
Ghert Tjerivanga, who heads the Old Mutual Gobabis Branch, said this year’s trade fair is an improvement from the maiden edition in 2012, if the number of visitors to the event in the first two days is anything to go by.
“Being part of the organising committee of the Omaheke Trade Fair, I am quite satisfied with business at the moment. There has been a lot of improvement in many aspects of the trade fair this year,” he noted.
Another exhibitor, Likius Kaindjee of Ungura Utumbe project - an initiative that weaves traditional milking ropes and other products from animal hides - said although he is yet to sell a big number of his products, many visitors have shown keen interest in the project.
The trade fair is showcasing a Culture Village - a structure made of wood, reeds and grass - in which traditional cuisine, dances and folklore sharing is taking place as a new addition to this year’s trade fair.
Compared to the inaugural trade fair, this year’s event has attracted a sizeable number of exhibitors dealing in natural products and crafts, as opposed to those retailing products brought from outside the country.
Omaheke-based Government ministries and departments have also come out in large numbers in support of the trade fair by becoming exhibitors. These institutions disseminate vital information on their services.
The absence of foreign exhibitors has however proven to be the trade fair’s Achilles Heel, as it is yet to attract a single foreign exhibitor to the event.