Green Scheme land identified at Grootfontein

20 Jul 2016 08:00am
GROOTFONTEIN, 20 JUL (NAMPA) - Otjozondjupa Regional Governor Otto Ipinge on Tuesday received a 20 hectare (ha) portion of land behind the Grootfontein Military Base for a regional Green Scheme project.
There is no Green Scheme project in the region yet.
“This is a fertile piece of land with plenty of water nearby, so we are ready to start with the de-bushing exercise so that we can also start to cultivate vegetables and fruit,” he said.
Ipinge told Nampa at the site the project will also create jobs for the local people.
He noted that the project has come to stay and encouraged community members to embrace it and devote time when tasked to work on the project.
Headed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Green Schemes promote the application of irrigation systems to agriculture in Namibia and increase agriculture contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
The piece of landed was donated by the Grootfontein Municipality.
Grootfontein Mayor Abisai Haimene said the local authority is fully behind the project and can already envision the people’s benefit.
“We all know an idea like this one is coming to benefit us and our local people, therefore, from the local authority side we pledge total support in terms of provision of water and general workforce,” he said.
The regional governor was accompanied by agricultural experts from the Agricultural Business Development (Agribusdev) agency who will assist the project with sampling the soil and running test to determine the suitable crops.
Agribusdev Managing Director Petrus Uugwanga said the project will be funded by Government through his office that deals with all Green Scheme projects in the country.
“But before we talk about funding, we first need to clear the area, assess the soil and do measurements on the land so that we know exactly what we are talking about, as we have done in other regions,” he explained.