Kanime wants joint ventures to combat crime

18 Jul 2016 12:40pm
WINDHOEK, 18 JUL (NAMPA) – The City Police are urging businesses, public institutions and neighbourhood watch groups to approach the law-enforcement agency to form joint ventures to combat crime in the capital.
The idea comes shortly after the Rhino Park Private Hospital in Windhoek North approached the City Police to procure closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras around the facility.
“If we can install more cameras Windhoek will be the safest place in Africa,” Police Chief Abraham Kanime told Nampa in a recent interview.
He stated that the fight against crime should be a collaborative effort between the police, businesses and members of the public.
Criminal activities include robbery, theft of out motor vehicles, housebreaking, assault as well as bad driving.
According to Kanime, cameras along Eveline Street in the Greenwell Matongo residential area of the capital are very effective.
“They provide tangible evidence when you apprehend a suspect,” he added.
One of the recent successes of the CCTV cameras is the arrest on Friday of a group of suspected robbers along Eveline Street. They were captured on camera during a robbery spree in the early morning hours of the same day, ‘terrorising’ school children and workers as they walk to bus terminals.
“We identified who they are and arrested one of them that day,” said Kanime.
He noted that more cameras should be installed urgently in places such as shopping malls, the central business district, and major intersections.
“We can even come up with a financial fund (plan) governed by a joint venture between us and them,” he explained.
Meanwhile, many Greenwell Matongo residents said they live in fear and welcomed the idea of CCTV cameras.
Saima Shipanga said she cannot invite friends to her house because they say it is not a good area. Women apparently sometimes work with the gangs to find victims.
“These things are not good for the community,” said Josef Himushima.
Steven Hoeseb said residents do not know where they are safe anymore as gangs even target passengers inside taxis.
“They wait for a taxi to stop, open the doors, grab passengers’ personal items and run into the nearby bushes,” he said.
Echoing similar views, Ella Kwant said the CCTV cameras installed by the City Police really help.
“They must install more and they must also patrol the streets more,” he urged.