Gibeon centenarian receives new house and toilet

17 Jul 2016 11:40am
GIBEON, 17 JUL (NAMPA) – A 100-year-old great-grandmother was left speechless at the gift of a two-room corrugated metal house she received from the Hardap regional council in Gibeon on Thursday.
Mina Goeieman, who turned 100 on 14 February 2016, responded with tears and leaned on Hardap Governor Esme Isaack, who told her that she deserved much better dwellings than the frail patch-sheet structure she lived in.
“Despite our limited resources, my staff and I were moved to donate a decent structure to our senior citizen to help alleviate the challenges she faces during all seasons of the year,” Isaack said.
Money for the home came from Namsov Community Trust funds allocated annually by the fishing company to all 14 regional governors’ offices in the country.
The centenarian shares the house with her youngest daughter Magrietha Goeieman, 68.
The Goeieman house formed part of 14 other households at the village whose pit latrines were replaced with newly-built bathrooms.
The government-funded brick structures, each with a flush toilet, basin and shower, were built at a cost of N.dollars 1 million.
Dawid Eigub, manager of engineering company Knight Piésold Consulting, which supervised the project, said care was taken to construct “spacious toilets fitted with high-quality materials to lessen maintenance cost burdens” on owners.
Gibeon Village Council Chief Executive Officer Desiree Theunissen vowed that pit latrines will be “kicked out” of the village as funds become available.
Over 300 residents continue to use pit latrines, while around 750 use the bush to relieve themselves when nature calls, Theunissen said.
The community further witnessed the opening of a 900-metre tar road at the village, commissioned by the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development at a cost of N.dollars 2 587 000.
Knight Piésold and AB Contractors, designers and builders of the road, donated blankets and food hampers to 60 pensioners, including Goeieman, identified by the village council.
Isaack said road infrastructure development, housing and rural sanitation were key areas highlighted in the national Harambee Prosperity Plan.
“The developments unveiled at Gibeon are tangible testimony of Government’s firm commitment to better the lives of its citizenry,” she said.