Community of Bunya to demonstrate on Monday

17 Jul 2016 10:00am
RUNDU, 17 JUL (NAMPA) - The community of Bunya in the Kavango West Region plan staging a peaceful demonstration on Monday in protest to the alleged ‘unfair’ recruitment of a cleaner at the Bunya Circuit Office.
The circuit office manages education matters in the Bunya, Dudu, Karangana and Sivara villages of the Kapako Constituency.
Bunya Village Development Committee Chairperson Kupembona Linyando, in an invitation letter to the march addressed to Nampa on Friday, said the entry level position as cleaner was filled by a candidate from Rundu in the Kavango East Region, despite many people from the Kapako Constituency also being interviewed.
“However it came out that the candidate from Rundu was favoured for the position, and last Monday she reported for work at the circuit office,” he said.
Linyando said the panel that conducted the interviews was not transparent as the circuit management, a representative from the Bunya Secondary School management and community leaders were not involved in the process.
“Nepotism has been at play in the appointment process as the favoured candidate is related to the human resource person who has a very close relationship with the Inspector of Bunya Circuit Keith Sanzilla,” Linyando claimed.
The committee has informed Sanzilla, the Governor of the Kavango West Region Sirkka Ausiku, Chairperson of the Kavango West Regional Management Committee Joseph Sivaku, the Regional Councillor of Kapako Constituency Johaness Karondo and Sanzilla about the demonstration.
Karondo confirmed that he is aware of the planned demonstration and stated that he feels the community has a legitimate case.
He pointed out that the interview panel should have exhausted all avenues to find a qualified candidate in the constituency before looking outside.