Ohangwena governor proposes earth dams for all regions

14 Jul 2016 20:10pm
EENHANA, 14 JUL (NAMPA) - Ohangwena governor Usko Nghaamwa has proposed that each region be provided with a bulldozer to excavate earth dams to serve as water catchment points.
He made the proposal during the Fifth National Development Plan (NDP5) consultative meeting held at Eenhana by a team of Ministry of Economic Planning and National Planning Commission officials from Windhoek on Wednesday.
The dams can store flood water for use during the dry seasons to address water scarcity in the country.
Nghaamwa referred to an earth dam excavated by the community of Ohangwena RegionÂ’s Epembe Constituency some two years ago, which has become a crucial water reservoir for human and livestock consumption in that constituency. This Hishongua Dam this year holds enough water to last until the next rainy season.
Besides providing water for human and animal consumption, Nghaamwa said such water can also be used for irrigation projects in the constituencies.
He said this would in turn help with the growing of fresh produce and eventually support the governmentÂ’s effort to make Namibia food secure.
Although Nghaamwa recognises the fact that the provision of bulldozers to the regions would be a costly exercise for Government, he said water harvesting by using earth dams will help a lot in supplementing water supply through boreholes and pipelines.
The meeting was aimed at soliciting the input of the regional leadership, private sector, civil organisations, traditional and religious leaders to be incorporated into the NDP5 which is scheduled to come into force when NDP4 ends next March.