Mutjavikua encourages proactivity in Government

12 Jul 2016 10:20am
WALVIS BAY, 12 JUL (NAMPA) - Government ministries and agencies should be proactive in dealing with issues of service delivery, Erongo Governor Cleophas Mutjavikua said on Monday.
Mutjavikua was speaking at the official opening of the sub-regional office of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration at Walvis Bay.
He said being proactive is crucial in government as it allows for smooth operation and less frustration for members of the public.
“We should do away with the tendency of reacting when things go wrong,” he said.
He noted that the turnaround strategy introduced by the Ministry of Home Affairs in 2014 which resulted in fast and efficient service delivery in the application and renewal of national documents is an example to be emulated by all ministries.
Mutjavikua said it is not good that leaders sometimes sit idle and wait for the community to demonstrate before acting.
He also said Government should be applauded more for doing well instead of people keeping quiet about its successes and only speaking up when things go wrong.
Directing the message to the media, the governor said “let us also report on the successes of government and promote such stories, the same way we report about failure.”
“Good news is also news. Do not just wait for disaster to report, we need to be seen as doing good things also, because we do,” said the governor.
Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration Erastus Uutoni who officiated at the event said the ministry is in the process of establishing a computerised border management system.
This, according to Uutoni, will enable immigration officials to properly screen all travellers in order to make sure no criminals enter the country.
“We have had enough of people coming here claiming to be doctors and other professionals, but in fact not being qualified as such. Some of them have criminal records and they end up establishing churches to rob our people. We will put an end to that,” he said.