Residents blame water shortage for slow development at Epupa

11 Jul 2016 12:10pm
OKANGWATI, 11 JUL (NAMPA) - A group of concerned members of the Okangwati settlement say the slow pace of development in the Epupa Constituency is due to the shortage of water.
This concern was raised in a community meeting at Okangwati on Saturday.
The community is accusing the constituency office of not addressing the water problem at the settlement, which is considered the constituency capital.
Water is obtained from a well.
They claim Oukongo, Etanga and Etoto villages also face a water shortage.
Tjimutambo Kuuoko of the Epupa Constituency office told Nampa in a telephonic interview the office is not silent on the matter but is hard at work, trying to get water to Okangwati as well as the other villages.
“We have made 60 per cent progress in the negotiations to get water from Ohamaremba to Okangwati,” he said.
Kuuoko said 22 boreholes were drilled at the settlement of which only four were found to have water.
The water was, however, found to be unfit for human consumption.
“The water has been found to discolour people’s teeth and it is also thought to affect the kidneys,” he said.
Another four locations have been identified at Ohamaremba for drilling.
Kuuoko said the community would be aware of these developments if they consult the constituency office for updates and attend community meetings called by the office to update residents.
Other problems discussed during the meeting are a lack of an education resource centre, the poor road network, lack of banking institutions, alleged lack of transparency in tendering and unfair land allocations.