Uis water supply restored but still critical

09 Jul 2016 13:20pm
UIS, 09 JUL (NAMPA) - The water supply to Uis settlement in the Erongo Region was restored last week after residents struggled to get water for a whole week last month.
A problem in the supply system from the Omaruru River aquifer to the settlement’s reservoir affected the water supply. It was rectified on Monday.
“Due to the decline in the aquifer water levels, the supply is still critical and we can no longer supply water 100 per cent to the community. At the moment we are only giving 60 per cent,” Erongo Regional Council’s Development Planner, Deodat van Wyk told Nampa at Uis on Thursday.
He said the average water demand for Uis is 15 000 cubic metres per month but currently they only receive 9 000 cubic metres.
Uis has approximately 50 000 inhabitants – mostly elderly people and unemployed youth.
“To supplement and back-up the supply, we put a 10 000 litre tank at a clinic, school and police station which are filled with water transported by tanker from Anixab settlement,” said Van Wyk.
Anixab is located some 30 kilometres east of Uis.
He said two more tanks will be placed at strategic places in the community by next week.
Chief Control Officer of Uis settlement, Amingo /Honeb noted that water was brought in via tanker for residents during the dry week.
He also said that due to the drought, water usage at the settlement is being restricted.
Residents only have water between 06h00 and 08h00; 11h00 and 13h00 and 17h00 and 19h00.
“Residents must use water sparingly because the situation is critical and we do not know when the aquifer will be recharged to the fullest,” said /Honeb.
A meeting between the Erongo council and NamWater to discuss long-term ways to supply water to Uis is scheduled for 29 July this year.