Swapo members must quit AR or quit Swapo: Amukwiyu

06 Jul 2016 18:50pm
WINDHOEK, 06 JUL (NAMPA) - The Swapo-party regional coordinator for the Oshikoto Region has warned all members of the party to quit or distance themselves from the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) movement or else they will be 'shown the door'.
Armas Amukwiyu issued the warning on behalf of all 14 Swapo regional coordinators, who met in the capital for the past two days to discuss party issues.
He explained that everything the AR movement has been doing is contrary to the aims and objectives, as well as policy position, of the Swapo party.
The AR was formed late 2014 to spur the government on to provide land for landless Namibians. It recently mobilised masses of people to demonstrate against plans to erect a new parliament building at a cost of more than N.dollars 2 billion.
Some top AR leaders are members of the Swapo-Party Youth League.
Amukwiyu said the AR’s actions have been against the spirit of comradeship and unity of the party.
“We are serious this time around. No self-respecting party can have another party within. It does not happen within political parties; it does not happen in the church neither mosque nor private companies.”
He noted that a member of the party has to be of exemplary conduct in a spirit of comradeship towards other members of the party, contribute to the strengthening of the organic unity of the party and to the political consciousness of its rank and file to oppose factionalism and defend the party, and to be sincere and honest.
Amukwiyu stressed that the AR is not a structure of the Swapo party and has its own separate agenda and programme.
He made it clear that the regional coordinators cannot remain silent to buy favour with anyone attacking Swapo, its leadership and membership.
Amukwiyu said coordinators are part of the structures of the party and are in charge of making decisions such as to remove party members who do not adhere to the code of conduct of the party.
“If you look at the Swapo-party Constitution, we are in charge of the party affairs in the regions. Whatever we do, we do it in line with the party's constitution,” he stated.