Ondangwa reserves plots for professionals

06 Jul 2016 12:20pm
ONDANGWA, 06 JUL (NAMPA) – The Ondangwa Town Council has, in a bid to attract expertise to the council, reserved 15 per cent of the available land in the town for much needed professionals.
These are mainly professionals anticipated to render essential services to the community of Ondangwa.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the town, Ishmael Namgongo revealed this on Monday whilst briefing members of the media on the land allocation process at Ondangwa.
The council, Namgongo said, will also donate 10 per cent of the available town land to people who lived in Ondangwa since before the proclamation of the town in 1992, and who are now affected by the expansion of the town boundaries.
“Five per cent of the town land is reserved for the youth or first buyers, and the other five per cent of our land is reserved for our council employees who have nowhere to stay,” the Ondangwa CEO stated.
He went on to say the council’s philosophy is to have people working in Ondangwa, live in Ondangwa, to avoid them paying rates in other towns where they own houses.
The Ondangwa CEO noted that some of the council’s employees, such as fire-fighters, perform after hours duty and therefore their performance of duties after hours and during the weekends is practically difficult if they live out of town.
Namgongo used the same platform to respond to the public outcry concerning the allegations that Oshana Police Commander, Commissioner Rauha Amwele of being one of beneficiaries of the plots allocated to individuals by the council recently.
The allegations have it that Amwele, who is the wife of Ondangwa Mayor Paavo Amwele, benefited from plots allocated recently simply because her husband is the town’s political head.
“She applied for land before her husband became mayor and the decision for her to be given a plot was made by the previous council of which the husband was not part,” Namgongo explained.
He added that Amwele has a right to acquire a plot in Ondangwa, adding that she is also one of the professionals the council wants to attract to the town because of their potential to become the town’s ratepayers.