//Kharas Regional Council staff reach out to pensioners

06 Jul 2016 09:30am
KEETMANSHOOP, 06 JUL (NAMPA) – The //Kharas Regional Council staff on Tuesday served hundreds of pensioners with a bowl of hot soup on a chilly morning in front of the NamPost offices in Keetmanshoop.
The elderly had gathered at the post office to collect their monthly pension allowance when they were surprised by the council staff with the soup and brötchen meal.
“The pensioners were delighted and so surprised when we joined them early in the morning at 06h00 with the hot soup,” Public Relations Officer Johanna Ileka said.
Hundreds of pensioners from Keetmanshoop and other villages trek to the post office once a month to receive the grant.
“The elderly are taken care of through the provision of this allowance, but endure draining conditions such as standing in long queues while they wait,” council Chief Executive officer Saul Kahuika said.
“Council staff decided to arrange the meal with contributions from their social club fund to help alleviate the situation. Pensioners arrive very early, sometimes on empty stomachs and some event faint while they wait,” Ileka said.
She urged other Government agencies and private companies to come on board with meals for the elderly on pay day.
The local Pick ‘n Pay had previously provided soup to pensioners on a few occasions.