Black Africa Netball Club gives back to the needy

04 Jul 2016 17:00pm
WINDHOEK, 04 JUL (NAMPA) - Black Africa netball players on Saturday diverted their attention from the netball field to help less-fortunate Namibians in the Tobias Hainyeko Constituency of the capital.
The netball team visited the Okahandja Park Open Market, where they set up a temporary a soup kitchen and handed over a donation of clothing items to a group of 200 children from the Babylon and Okahandja Park informal settlements.
The donation and soup kitchen was organised as part of the netball club’s social responsibility of giving back to the community and was organised in the spirit of the national Harambee Prosperity Plan’s aim of “pulling together in the same direction”.
Black Africa Netball Club Chairperson Rebekka Goagoses said the players decided to put money together and give back to the community.
“We are planning on hosting the same event next month at the Katutura Hospital Children Ward, and are calling on all other netball teams or any individuals who want to contribute to this initiative to come on board,” she said
Goagoses said more support would mean a bigger achievement.
“You see most people go to bed without a meal and this initiative is aimed at helping in whatever way possible. If more people join this drive we will then be able to help a lot of children who need help,” she said.
A community leader at Okahandja Park, Peter Karokoto, said the idea of a soup kitchen and donating clothes to children is the first to be held in their constituency and he hopes it is not the last.
“I have been living in Windhoek since 2004 and this is the first time that we are hosting such an event. This netball team is now feeding 200 children at once from different households because in the past, we only had people who gave to a selected kindergarten and not kids from two locations.
“It is a good example to make a difference where it is necessary; to bless when you have been blessed, and to give when you have been given,” Karokoto stated.