Venaani warns members against tribalism

03 Jul 2016 10:40am
WINDHOEK, 03 JUL (NAMPA) – The DTA of Namibia president has lashed out at his fellow members for trying to promote tribalism within the party.
McHenry Venaani did so when he opened his party's central committee meeting in the capital on Saturday.
He said tribalism is dangerous and will break the party.
Venaani cited an issue in which some party members said Acting Secretary-General (SG) Elma Dienda is not the correct woman to be given the job and that she is not from the right ethnic group.
“We, in the collective, nominated Elma Dienda to act as acting secretary-general but it was the same party that took the route of tribalism... Today we are saying we do not have a woman as a secretary-general, but we proposed one and it was rejected.”
He reminded those members that Dienda helped raise the DTA’s support base from five to 11 per cent in the last local authority elections, under difficult and trying times.
The president made it clear to his members that any candidate who has the ability to lead steadfast and selfless will be given a chance to lead the party; it does not matter from which ethnic group that candidate is.
Venaani further lashed out at some of his members for doubting him in serving the party as president.
“Those of you who doubted us, who said we were wrong. We have delivered. You were running around here saying that I was too young to lead; but I have delivered and I have delivered the official opposition to this republic.”
He reminded the members that he goes everywhere around the country to mobilise the DTA as one national party and advised his members to listen to each other and not to bring each other down by using tribalism, but to remain united and take the party forward.