Walvis capital budget continues to increase

02 Jul 2016 14:40pm
WALVIS BAY, 02 JUL (NAMPA) - The Walvis Bay Municipality’s capital and operational budget continues to increase, with land development being the dominant item on the council’s list of priorities.
Council management committee chairperson Tobias Nambala tabled the N.dollars 363.7 million 2016/17 budget at the ordinary council meeting here on Friday.
It increased from N.dollars 248 million in 2014 to N.dollars 336 million in 2015.
This year, the budget for land servicing, which is a continuous activity, increased to N.dollars 174 million. Land servicing took the biggest chunk of N.dollars 171 million last year and N.dollars 134 million in 2014.
“I can assure you as it has always been the case that the budget is very much in line with council’s advocacy of contributing constructively towards the prosperity advancement of all our residents. It also reflects council’s agenda of being transparent at all times,” Nambala said.
Service delivery related projects received N.dollars 96 million. These include the implementation, upgrading and replacement of water and sewer infrastructure.
Infrastructure related projects such as the resealing of streets and sidewalks in all suburbs received N.dollars 41 million.
An amount of N.dollars 26 million is allocated to community or social projects such as phases 1 and 2 of upgrading the Kuisebmond Sport Stadium and the construction of the Tutaleni Fire Station.
Vehicle replacements and additions stand at N.dollars 11 million.
Expected revenue for the financial year is estimated at about N.dollars 393.3 million, while expected expenditure has been calculated at N.dollars 395.8 million, with an expected deficit of about N.dollars 2.5 million.