Spirit of Harambee at Namsov

02 Jul 2016 12:20pm
WALVIS BAY, 02 JUL (NAMPA) - The employees of Namsov Fishing Company at Walvis Bay pooled resources together to assist a colleague whose shack was destroyed by fire last week.
The donation handed over on Friday enabled Rose-Mery Nuineeko to acquire some clothes, food and furniture.
Nuineeko does not work for Namsov directly but is a contract cleaner of Royal Serve Cleaning deployed at the Namsov building.
Speaking to Nampa on Saturday, the Namsov Community Trust Chief Sustainability Officer Tuna Willem said employees and the Trust united in order to assist the fire victim and her daughter.
“We also gave her daughter a full school uniform. By next week I am sure we will be able to restore all her items,” said Willem.
The remaining items such as kitchen utensils will be given to her next week as they are currently being collected.
Willem said although the employees are trying their best, they cannot promise to give her building materials for her lost shack.
As such, she said, Nuineeko is appealing to the community of Walvis Bay to donate building materials so that she and her daughter can have a roof over their heads again.
Nuineeko could not be reached for comment on Saturday as her phone was off, but Willem said she told the team on Friday she is grateful.
The family is currently staying in a tent.
“The shack fires at the coast are no surprise to anybody; these occur regularly and need urgent attention from all different parties and authorities, because it mostly affect the poor and less-fortunate among us,” Willem said.