NQA and MQA renew cooperation

02 Jul 2016 10:10am
OSHAKATI, 02 JUL (NAMPA) – The Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) has renewed its longstanding cooperation agreement with the Malaysian Qualification Authority (MQA).
The agreement will be in operation for a further five years until it expires on 06 May 2021.
A media statement issued by the NQA on Thursday said the memorandum of technical cooperation and partnership, which has been in place for about 16 years, was renewed on 07 May this year.
During the signing, the two authorities established closer relations to explore ways and means of establishing cooperative and collaborative mechanisms for mutual benefit.
The NQA and MQA share similar mandates and institutional objectives in the implementation of the National Qualification Framework (NQF) and quality assurance of qualifications in their respective countries.
The agreement provides a framework for cooperation in various areas related to quality assurance. It holds important benefits for Namibia in terms of information and expertise exchange, which includes sharing policies, standard setting especially in respect of the NQF, and mutual recognition of qualifications.
The two parties also exchange expertise in the area of data management.