Food Bank is part of integrated poverty framework: Geingob

01 Jul 2016 10:40am
WINDHOEK, 01 JUL (NAMPA) – The Food Bank concept is part of an integrated poverty eradication framework with various approaches for Namibia’s 14 regions.
Speaking at the launch of the Food Bank that took place in Windhoek on Thursday, President Hage Geingob said some approaches will involve integration with drought relief activities such as warehouses from where the food will be distributed. Others will include improved sanitation, such as installing waterless toilets, countrywide.
“Our aim is to completely eliminate the need for our people to relieve themselves in the bush. Where applicable, we also plan to provide ploughing and tractor services to subsistence farmers in the north, north-east, south and the Kunene Region, as well as all areas where subsistence farming take place. We will ensure that no region is left out,” Geingob said.
He went on to say Government has already increased the old age pension from N.dollars 600 to N.dollars 1 100.
“This step was initiated, taking into account that in developing countries, old age pensions play an important role in supporting and improving the lives of older people and by so doing reducing poverty,” the President said.
For the month of July, 160 753 Namibians will receive the old age pension payout totalling N.dollars 176 828 300.
The food bank initiative will involve a process of sourcing food and required non-food items and distributing these items to poor and vulnerable persons, making use of the street committees.
The street committees have been selected from amongst the communities, especially unemployed youth, who will identify vulnerable people and conduct the registration of the beneficiaries as well as, assist with the facilitation of the distribution of food.
The street committee members will also be engaged in providing social services in communities.
Geingob said that apart from these efforts of engaging with communities through members, the war on poverty in Namibia is seriously coordinated to achieve the best result.
“One cannot have a successful war without establishing a command centre. A command centre is where targets are identified, strategies are formulated and from where the progress of the war on all fronts will be monitored and resources distributed and shifted to aid the overall war effort,” Geingob added.
A total of 27 500 residents in the Tobias Hainyeko Constituency are benefiting from the Food Bank in what is the pilot phase of the project.
Beneficiaries receive a packed parcel of food which includes maize meal; tinned fish; corned beef; cooking oil; beans; packets of yeast; bread flour; brown sugar; and a bar of soap. One packet is valued at about N.dollars 550.