Swapo's Windhoek West district meets

26 Jun 2016 10:00am
WINDHOEK, 26 JUN (NAMPA) – Swapo Deputy Secretary-General Laura McLeod-Katjirua opened the first-ever strategic meeting of Swapo’s Windhoek West district in the capital on Saturday.
The one-day strategic meeting was aimed at evaluating party policies, addressing concerns of crime and unemployment in the Windhoek West district and strengthening co-ordination amongst party members and structures.
McLeod-Katjirua said the meeting would enable the creation of a positive mindset and approach which will then redefine the way the party conducts its business, internally and externally.
“The political scape and socio-economic environment is changing and presenting us with new challenges. You must respond to these challenges and regard them as opportunities,” she said.
Matters up for discussion included strengthening the relationship between the various structures of the party, ensuring effective communication and responding to the needs of the electorate.
McLeod-Katjirua said only a bold approach coupled with proactive leadership from those spearheading the planned initiative would yield the desired outcome.
“You must provide political leadership, change the way we do things and align our performance with the demands of this fast-changing world,” she said.
Some 50 people, including senior party members and residents of Windhoek West were in attendance.
Meanwhile, Windhoek West District secretary for information and mobilisation Veno Kauaria said they intend to ensure safety and address issued of unemployment and poverty.
“We all have party documents, policies and manifestos but as a district we want to look at what we have done, what we can do and how we will do it in the next five years,” said Kauaria.
She emphasised that the district will collaborate with various State agencies such as the police in addressing safety concerns in their residential area.
Swapo-party Secretary for Information and Mobilisation Helmut Angula was also in attendance.