Mbambo conducts field visits to Kavango East constituencies

22 Jun 2016 22:20pm
RUNDU, 22 JUN (NAMPA) - Kavango East Governor Dr Samuel Mbambo is touring various constituencies in the region to hear from the communities what problems and challenges they face.
Through the visits, the governor wants to familiarise himself with the situation on the ground, meet members of the leadership in constituencies and educate people on the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP) and what central government intends to do in the constituencies in the new financial year.
His visits started two weeks ago, with the Mukwe Constituency being his first stop.
In an interview with Nampa on Wednesday, Mbambo said his office in 2014 received financial assistance of N.dollars 500 000 from Namsov Fishing Enterprises for smaller projects.
“We invited applicants to apply, which they did. In each constituency we assisted four small projects. We also want to see what people did with the money we gave them,” the governor explained.
At Mukwe, Mbambo and his team visited a kindergarten in the inland which he said is doing well.
The challenges though are that the children - with the prevailing drought in the country and lack of food in houses – do not attend school as they should.
“In the morning the children may not have food at home and coming to the kindergarten there will not be any food as well, so they just attend for half a day and go back to look for food,” he said.
Their next stop was a centre in the Mukwe Constituency owned by two young people at Omega.
Mbambo said the two came up with the idea to help people with printing, copying and taking passport photos.
“This centre is doing a lot because to go from Omega to Divundu where these services are to be obtained is 70 kilometres. All you want is to have your photo taken which costs N.dollars 5,” he said, adding that transport from Omega to Divundu and back is at least N.dollars 60.
He said they however have some challenges such as the space being too small. He said the demand for service is so high that their equipment is under some strain.
The third and fourth projects visited were a gardening project and catering business.
“All of these people need to actually be taken through some kind of business training. They need to learn and know more about business, as well as financial administration. We need to do more as there is a lack of skills and knowledge,” Mbambo said.
The governor visited Mukwe for two days before visiting Ndiyona Constituency from 15 June to 16 June 2016. He still has to visit Ndonga-Linena, Mashare, Rundu Rural and Rundu Urban Constituencies between June and July this year.