Ongwediva community receives donation towards brick-making

22 Jun 2016 17:00pm
ONGWEDIVA, 22 JUN (NAMPA) – Community members of Ongwediva Sky Phase 3 on Tuesday received materials worth about N.dollars 10 000 from the Ongwediva Town Council for a brick-making project.
The initiative aims to assist physically unable or unemployed community members financially with the income generated from the sale of bricks.
The community received four heaps of sand, 40 bags of cement, spades, moulding equipment, water hoses and a prepaid water bill for three months.
Project chairperson Moses Gabriel noted that established in 2007, the project at first only provided foodstuff and physical assistance to beneficiaries under Community Capacity Enhancement – Community Conversation (CCE-CC) on HIV and AIDS Programmes but has grown bigger because of a dream and the anticipated assistance.
“We had not been able to grow the project due to a lack of finances, however we had bigger dreams for the community and decided not to give up on them as we knew assistance would come our way one day.”
Gabriel said they will continue to assist the helpless by fighting hunger, poverty and unemployment in their community, adding it would be wise for other communities to follow suit and also come up with projects like this.
Handing over the donated material, Ongwediva Mayor Angelina Angula said Namibia is faced with serious challenges directly attributed to hunger and unemployment, which is why the Council warmly accepted and welcomed the willingness and commitment of the Sky Phase 3 community in engaging with each other and doing their part in addressing the social ills.
She said the town council is willing to assist but community members must remember that the project’s success also depends on them.
“This project is yours and the council is ready to assist you with technical knowhow only, therefore I would like to inform you that you are the only ones who will ensure its success.”
She urged the community to take the project seriously and appreciate the benefits as many other communities long to have something similar but unfortunately don’t.
“This project is not a forced item; each of you are participating at your own will and in a democratic manner. It should however not be taken for granted but be willing to claim for success when we have not been part of it”, she added.
The brick-making is said to commence on Wednesday and will be run and made by volunteers in the community.