Double murder suspect Schiefer hears judgement Wednesday

24 Sep 2013 03:40
WINDHOEK, 24 SEP (NAMPA) - Judgement in the case of Romeo Schiefer, who stands accused of killing his parents in the capital in January 2008, will be handed down in the High Court here on Wednesday.
The judgement was initially scheduled to be delivered on 24 July 2013, but High Court Judge Naomi Shivute postponed the matter to 25 September this year because she could not finish writing the judgement on time due to other court assignments.
On 28 May this year, Judge Shivute listened to closing arguments from defence lawyer Advocate Winnie Christiaans and from Deputy Prosecutor-General Belinda Wantenaar who represented the State.
In her closing argument, Wantenaar asked that the 24-year-old Schiefer should be found guilty on the two counts of murdering his parents, and that he should also be found guilty on the charge of robbery with aggravating circumstances.
Schiefer had pleaded not guilty to the two counts of murder and the charge of robbery with aggravating circumstances, at the start of his trial in March 2011.
The State alleges that the accused murdered both his parents by first shooting his father with a firearm, and then stabbing his mother with a knife on 18 January 2008 in Windhoek's Khomasdal residential area.
He was arrested by members of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol)'s Serious Crime Unit on 18 January 2008, after he allegedly committed the brutal murders of his parents Frans and Fransiena Schiefer, both aged 50 at the time.
The accused and his parents allegedly had a quarrel on the night of the incident at their home in Khomasdal. Schiefer allegedly became very angry after his parents refused to give him some money.
According to the evidence before court, he apparently stabbed his mother with a knife, and then shot her twice in the legs.
The father was shot in the head, and it is suspected that he had been asleep at the time.
Schiefer's mother was found lying in a pool of blood in the kitchen with a knife stuck in her throat, while the father was found dead in their bedroom.
Apart from the knife, a CZ pistol was also recovered at the scene of the crime.
It was alleged that the deceased persons were home alone that evening, while their three children were out for the night.
All three children were taken in for questioning on the night of the killings, but the State only laid murder charges against the youngest child, Romeo Schiefer.
He was apparently the last person to be seen at the house shortly before his parents' murder.
Schiefer remains in police custody at the Windhoek Central Prison holding cells with no option to post bail until Wednesday, when he returns to the Windhoek High Court to hear the judgement in the matter.