No minimum wage increases for farmworkers yet

21 Jun 2016 11:20am
WINDHOEK, 21 JUN (NAMPA) - The minimum wage for farmworkers has not yet increased for this year, says Chairperson of the Namibia Agricultural Employers' Association (AEA) Christine Stoman.
Speaking at the association's 29th Congress last week, Stoman raised the concern that farmworkers are being misled by about new minimum wages.
“I have heard that there are so-called labour consultants moving about, falsely misleading farmworkers that the minimum wage has already been increased. That is simply not true,” she noted.
The increment process is being followed by role players within the Namibia Agricultural Labour Forum (NALF): the Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU); Namibia National Farmers' Union (NNFU); and the Namibia Farmworkers' Union (NAFWU).
Yet, for the purpose of the minimum wage agreement, the three parties will hopefully again reach consensus and the agreement will be signed in the presence of the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, said Stoman.
More than 27 per cent of Namibia's working population is employed in the agricultural sector.
The AEA undertakes a survey every second year to determine the remuneration packages of farmworkers.
Stoman said Namibia’s minimum wage is not a standard wage paid to all farm employees across the board.
“Young and incoming staff at entry-level receive the minimum wage, until they have proven their capabilities. Older and loyal staff with many years services is remunerated on a higher scale.
“In the past, survey results have shown that commercial farmers generally pay their loyal staff double or triple the minimum wage.”
The 2016 Wage Survey Report should be available by the end of the year.
The government-recommended wages for farmworkers in 2012 was N.dollars 860 per month and with the increase in 2014, the minimum wage went up to N.dollars 888 per month.